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The Rhythms of Life

The Rhythms of Life  / Sing Out With Strings

Irish Chamber Orchestra

Special Guests

Jean McGlynn, Leading Armies, Godknows Jonas & Ciara Meade


Sing out With Strings presents its annual gala concert, featuring over 300 children city-wide. The Rhythms of Life features new compositions and orchestral works, performed by the children in what will be Sing Out’s biggest performance to date.  Savour the sights, sounds and rhythms of Limerick in this bumper production.

Wednesday 11 June  12.00 noon

Booking Information:  061-331549 or                            

Tickets: 2 euro                   

Concert Dates

  • 12:00, Wednesday, June 11, 2014

    University Concert Hall, Limerick

    Tickets no longer available


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