ICO Schools presents A Little Night Music | Irish Chamber Orchestra
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ICO Schools presents A Little Night Music

17 April 2024 Education Announcements
21 5 19 ICO UCH Sing Out 29

University Concert Hall, Limerick,

Wednesday 15 May at 11.15am

Free Admission!

ICO Schools (formerly Sing Out With Strings) present its annual Gala Show, A Little Night Music. This showcase is a culmination of a year’s hard work at St. Mary’s N.S. and Le Cheile N.S. Together, students from Junior Infants to 6th Class celebrate their compositional, singing, and performance skills in this dream-like production.

Members of the Irish Chamber Orchestra will be joined by special guests, renowned rock-guitarist Dave Keary, drummer John Daly, Cian Boylan on piano and the amazing rapper Hazey Haze. ICO's Simon Thompson will narrate, whilst Kathrine Barnecutt leads our budding young musicians.

A Little Night Music

Junior infants & 2nd Class

Introduction ICO Orchestra- Just can't get enough Mozart

1) Hello Song/ ICO Eine Kleine mashup

2) Hippity-hop

3) After school

4) Twinkle Twinkle


3rd-6th Classes

Introduction ICO Orchestra- Romance Eine Kleine Nacht Music 2nd movt. Segue Stand by Me

5) Stand by me with Crystal Casey and soloists, chorus signing

6) Dreaming

7) Rap/Song, Hazey Haze with children

8) Early Morning

Join us for a musical journey beyond the school day!