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Roisin Reimagined

Róisín Reimagined

Kilkenny Arts Festival and the Irish Chamber Orchestra co-commissioned this project featuring arrangements from six composers: Cormac McCarthy, Paul Campbell, Linda Buckley, Sam Perkin, Niamh Varian-Barry, and Michael Keeney. Produced by Dónal O’Connor, Roisin Reimagined explores the connections between classical and traditional music and reimagines these timeless songs for a new era.

Featured on the CD

Róisín Dúbh – 04:29 ** LEAD TRACK
An Rabhais ar an gCarraig – 05:15 ** LEAD TRACK
Mollaí San Seoirse – 03:42
Bruach na Carraige Báine – 07:14 ** LEAD TRACK
Cailín na nÚrla Donn – 04:02
‘S ar Maidin Moch is mé ar mo Leapain Bhoig – 06:15
Tá mo Mhadra Medley – 05:16
Táím Sínte ar do Thuama – 06:23
Sliabh Geal gCua – 07:36
An tSeanbhean Bhocht – 02:39
Slán le Máigh – 05:38
An Chúilfhionn – 07:02


Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh
Irish Chamber Orchestra

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