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21 in 24

21 in 24 is a fundraising initiative that helps provide free string instrumental and choral lessons to children and young people in partnering communities in Limerick City.

We invite you to consider a Direct Debit of €21 per month in 2024 or a one-off donation of €250 or more that would enable ICO, as a charitable organisation, to qualify for tax relief under the government’s Charitable Donation Scheme. As a taxpayer (PAYE, self-assessed, jointly assessed or pension recipient) your ICO donation of €250 or more would enable us to claim an additional 45%.

For every €250 pledge, we receive €362.33

Donate Grow Impact
Pledge €250 Your €250 Pledge grows to €362.33 under the Charitable Donation Scheme An impact of 20 Music Lessons for up to 400 children

Take 2 simple steps to donate and enable us to grow your gift.

  • Use the box below to sign up to a monthly direct debit of €21, or make a one-off donation of €250 or more
  • Download a CHY4 Cert, complete and return to Joanne.Tierney@ul.ie

Get in touch

Get in touch

To find out more or talk through the process, contact Development Manager Joanne Tierney on 087 6413060 or email Joanne.Tierney@ul.ie

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