The Irish Chamber Orchestra prides itself in championing the music of Irish composers.

Guaranteed Irish coincided with the Seachtain na Gaeilge celebrations and features some of our finest Irish composers.  First up is Sam Perkin’s Waves which was inspired by his personal experience with tinnitus, a particularly difficult condition for any composer – so, to the sea with the ICO.

Sam Perkin Waves

Waves was inspired by tinnitus, a frustrating sound in the ear which can make composing, conversing, and sleeping quite difficult. Perkin uses the ocean wave sounds to counter—act this imbalance in hearing. Over 365 days, he banked these sounds from nature, and composed a work that is entirely made up of these beautiful patterns, in essence, 365 variations on a wave gesture. The ebb and flow in the music comes from the true rhythm of nature – prepare for a splash. Alex Petcu-Colan features on percussion under the watchful eye of Gábor TakácsNagy.

David Fennessy Hirta Rounds

Katherine Hunka and ICO head to the rugged Scottish coastline revisiting David Fennessy’s ethereal Hirta Rounds which evokes nostalgic memories of Scottish islanders being forced to leave their homes of many centuries.  A barren rock of ruins is the sole reminder of a once vibrant community.

Ryan Molloy Luasc

Luasc by Ryan Molloy was commissioned by RTE Lyric fm as a birthday gift last year to ICO to celebrate 50 years. the tone of the piece reflects this celebration as well as offering a reflection on the history of the ensemble, from its wide repertoire of classical music to its important forays into other genres, including traditional Irish music” says Molloy.

Sam Perkin Pause

Composer Sam Perkin was 21 when he wrote Pause, a reflective arrangement of The Foggy Dew, inspired by 1916. It beautifully blends the sounds of a slowed-down violin with the orchestra.  It is dedicated it to the late nationalist and fellow Corkonian, Thomas Kent.

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