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Schubert & Dvořàk

We are so excited to stream our ‘Schubert & Dvořàk’ from University Concert Hall, Limerick under our visionary Violinist, Katherine Hunka!

Programme includes:

Schubert Rondo in A for Violin and Strings, D.438

David Fennessey Hirta Rounds

Dvořàk  Serenade for Strings, Op. 22

Schubert’s Rondo for Violin and Strings is a masterpiece – virtuosic, fresh, lyrical, infused with love and reflects his admiration for Mozart. Unfolding slowly, Katherine Hunka’s playing unfurls and ecstatically sings before a light-hearted rondo finale. The ICO revisit David Fennessy’s ethereal Hirta Rounds which evokes nostalgic memories of Scottish islanders being forced to leave their homes of many centuries.  A barren rock of ruins is the sole reminder of a once vibrant community.  Dvořák’s sunny and genial Serenade for Strings was composed in twelve days and is one of his best loved works.  A rich melody and optimistic mood are at the heart of this life affirming serenade. This ICO showcase is another romp of pure, unadulterated joy!

Dates and Tickets 

Join us from 5pm on Thursday 22nd of September as we stream ‘Schubert & Dvořàk’ online for one week only!