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Irish Chamber Orchestra delved headlong into the world of film when faced with the challenges of Covid-19 and how to present the orchestra to audiences while continuing to provide work to its musicians and to other artists in difficult times.

ICO ORIGINALS is a showcase of twelve very diverse short films, showcasing 24 artforms with over 40 collaborators, in four distinct spaces at The Hunt Museum, Limerick.

To coincide with the launch, ICO introduces a short new film and its biggest collaboration to date.  TEN YEARS FROM NOW is an ethereal and emotive offering by Vyvienne Long and Irish Chamber Orchestra, directed by Shane Serrano. The song, written, arranged, and performed by Long from her album, A Lifetime of High Fives is delicate, arresting, and thought-provoking.  Beautifully disarming and intensely personal, this short film captures the heart and leads the way to the next chapter of ICO filmmaking.

Dates and Tickets

30 November – 13 December| The Hunt Museum, Rutland Street, Limerick