April 2016

Irish Chamber Orchestra    April 2016 Cologne
Jörg Widmann Principal Guest Conductor/ Clarinet
Tabea Zimmermann Viola

“In Widmann’s hands the Hebrides Overture by Felix Mendelssohn turned into an extremely atmospheric painting of sounds. The broadly played cello line made the beginning exceedingly melancholic, and in contrast the faster part had enormous fire. A lot of liveliness was achieved through big tempo contrasts in Mendelssohn’s Third Symphony, a truly great rendition played brilliantly by the Irish Chamber Orchestra.”

“The Bruch Concerto is seldom performed in concert. It offers a lot of space for virtuosity and, at the same time, lovingly quotes folk tunes. In their interpretation both Jörg Widmann and Tabea Zimmermann became one heart and one soul, never losing sight of each other. Even without a conductor the orchestra’s accompaniment was flawless”  – Kölnische Rundschau and the Bonner Generalanzeiger 

April 2016, Dublin

Irish Chamber Irish Orchestra
Katherine Hunka Director/Violin
Des Keogh Narrator Albiez Trio Éalú


“The concert full of splendid music under leader Katherine Hunka, benefited from an eclectic approach….overall a stimulating and thought-provoking concert”. – Dick O Riordan Sunday Business Post

March 2016, Dublin

Irish Chamber Orchestra
Jörg Widmann Conductor/Clarinet
Igor Levit Piano / Celesta


“Dressed in their smart new outfits, dark suits,gold ties and elegant long gowns, the ICO is not only Ireland’s most polished cultural export but also the best dressed to boot” – Cathy Desmond, The Examiner

 At one with Widmann’s direction, ICO’s support is elegant and trenchant” – Pat O Kelly, Irish Independent

 “…with strings pungent and energetic, ICO’s woodwind is playful and effervescent” – Pat O Kelly, Irish Independent

“Widmann and his players brought to it the same kind of sensitive brio that they showed throughout the evening.” – Michael Dervan, Irish Times

February 2016, Dublin

Irish Chamber Orchestra – Dublin February 2016
Gábor Takács-Nagy Principal Artistic Partner/Conductor
Ailish Tynan Soprano


“The programme itself was rock-solid: sacred settings of Pergolesi, Mozart and Schubert, two movements from Haydn’s Seven Last Words, and Schubert’s Death and the Maiden Quartet arranged for strings. Soprano Ailish Tynan seemed at her beguiling best, and conductor Gábor Takács-Nagy approached the music with vitality and imagination” – Michael Dervan, Irish Times

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