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Thumbnail for July 2013 – Rheingau Music Festival – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

July 2013 – Rheingau Music Festival – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The Irish Chamber Orchestra

 Jörg Widmann, Klarinette

The Dark Side

“Irish Chamber Orchestra with a Mozart vintage in the Kloster Eberbach cloister

The long term weather forecast had foreseen perfect weather for the first open air concert of the Rheingau Music Festival and they weren’t wrong: Mozart resounded in multiple facets in the cloister of Kloster Eberbach, which a few days earlier had been the scene of a wet raindrop Prelude. The Irish chamber orchestra, under the leadership of Jorg Widmann played the Adagio and Fugue in C minor Opus 546. The ensemble did an excellent job in how they played and understood one another, allowing the progressive harmonies (from a classical perspective) to bloom and unfold…The brilliance of the last movement was not the centre of attention here, but rather the exposition of unbelievably beautiful melodies against the backdrop of deep alternate shadow worlds. One had in mind the long-time motto of the Mozart series “Mozarts grosse Nachtmusiken”, which was demonstrated at this point at the latest, by means of serenades which cannot be endlessly repeated, reinterpreted as a view of the spiritual night / dark side.

It was was with Mozarts Symphony No. 40 in G minor, Opus 550 that an evening that brought together relaxed open air atmosphere with a deep sense of unity was brought to a close. “

Benedikt Stegemann

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


May 2013 – Steeplechase – Irish Examiner

The Irish Chamber Orchestra
The National Chamber Choir
Nicholas Kraemer Conductor
Peter Barley, Organ


“…the music was pleasing, exciting and individual…….marvellously performed”.

Declan Townsend,

The Examiner

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April 2013 – Virtuosity Ad Absurdum – Irish Times

Irish Chamber Orchestra

Jörg Widmann Principal Guest Conductor/Clarinet

Sergeij Nakariakov Trumpet

“In nearly 50 years of concert-going I have never encountered trumpet playing like this. Written for Nakariakov’s extraordinary abilities, which include circular breathing, Ad absurdum often made me think my ears were deceiving me, as a continuous, rapid staccato ostinato on one note never ceased, even as we heard many other things happening that would be striking enough on their own. And the aural power was complemented by the visual effect of watching the orchestra struggle with its own manic virtuosity, as Widmann played the prancing conductor-composer so effectively, and as the human vehicle for transcendent virtuosity stood like a statue. This music-making’s transgressions of space and time were Mephistophelian.”

Martin Adams

The Irish Times

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February 2013 – Welcome Gabor – Sunday Business Post

“Both symphonies were exquisitely performed – with the orchestra’s never-failing zest and panache always shining through…The ICO revelled in Bizet’s exuberance and vitality and this proved a real knock-out for the audience.  Luckily the audience survived the KO and delivered its own verdict with a standing ovation”


Dick O’ Riordan, Sunday Business Post



February 2013 – Welcome Gábor – Irish Times

Irish Chamber Orchestra
Gábor Takács-Nagy Principal Artistic Partner/Conductor

“The Irish Chamber Orchestra, under Gábor Takács-Nagy, its new musically dynamic “principal artistic partner/conductor”, performed the Bizet a la Shchedrin at the RDS on Saturday. The players conveyed the music’s every nuance with colourful allure, snapped its rhythms with bracing energy, and turned the whole work into a real tour de force……. The orchestra’s music-making was a pure delight in the two 18th-century symphonies they performed before the interval, one light (Mozart’s No 15), one furrowed and earnest (Haydn’s No 44, nicknamed the Mourning), and both played with an intensity of moment-by-moment focus that was totally gripping”

Michael Dervan

The Irish Times

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