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Thumbnail for March 2017 – Konzerthaus Vienna

March 2017 – Konzerthaus Vienna

Irish Chamber Orchestra
Jörg Widmann Principal Guest Conductor/ Clarinet
Igor Levit Piano
“What they have in common, though reasonably popular choices all, is that they are a refreshing combination of serious musicianship, well away from the comfy-cozy coterie of the ever-same, predictably marketable but often musically boring artists that invariably clog much of the circuit with that nice, grinning, PR-smooth and utterly unoriginal feeling”
Jens F. Laurson, Forbes

“But beyond loud and fast, dynamic extremes and pointed phrasing, the whole performance was so articulate as to have breathed a whole new interpretative air this, Mendelssohn’s third-most ignored, symphony.”

Jens F. Laurson, Forbes

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“the orchestra is an experimental orchestra with an innovative conductor”.
The Wienar Zeitung Katarina Wappel

“A vivid account of the Reformation Symphony brought a spell-binding evening to a close”.

“There is a taut vivacity to the playing of this orchestra that’s easily traced to the geniality of the group”

George Hamilton, The Irish Independent

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Thumbnail for March 2017 – Stadhalle Heidelberg

March 2017 – Stadhalle Heidelberg

Irish Chamber Orchestra
Jörg Widmann Principal Guest Conductor/ Clarinet
Igor Levit Piano


Rhein-Neckar Zeitung – 31 March 2017 Heidelberger Frühling: Samtpfötchen mit Charme
Heidelberger Frühling: Velvet Paw with Charm

“It was the conductor, Widmann, with an orchestra, who took over the dominant part with the opening of the opera and the strings. Levit himself entralled his audience with an extraordinarily velvety stroke, which was more like a delicate pushing of the keys, which with a delicate tone design a wonderfully fine-spun sound language”.


September 2017 – World Premiere – Irish Times

The Irish Chamber Orchestra

Gábor Tákacs-Nagy Conductor

Alex Petcu Percussion

“Tákacs-Nagy and the players of the ICO, with Alex Petcu playing Percussion, seemed to be delivering everything he (Sam Perkin) could have wished for.”

Michael Dervan

The Irish Times

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Thumbnail for May 2016 – Orfeo CD Review

May 2016 – Orfeo CD Review

Mendelssohn Symphonies No. 1 & 4

Irish Chamber Orchestra
Sergei Nakariakov
Jörg Widmann

All-round Musician Widmann: Courage to Absurdity…..
Rarely has the music by Mendelssohn sounded more fresh: The works by Jörg Widmann appeal even to concert goers who have difficulties with contemporary music…

“Here the wealth of melody in Mendelssohn’s music becomes a resounding feast of sound which remains compact and detailed throughout due to the precise and refined playing by the Irish Chamber Orchestra.”

“Obviously the creative communication between Widmann and his ensemble (Irish Chamber Orchestra) works extremely well which makes for an exciting future” Spiegel April 2016

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Thumbnail for April 2016 – German Tour – Cologne

April 2016 – German Tour – Cologne

Irish Chamber Orchestra
Jörg Widmann Principal Guest Conductor/ Clarinet
Tabea Zimmermann Viola

“In Widmann’s hands the Hebrides Overture by Felix Mendelssohn turned into an extremely atmospheric painting of sounds. The broadly played cello line made the beginning exceedingly melancholic, and in contrast the faster part had enormous fire. A lot of liveliness was achieved through big tempo contrasts in Mendelssohn’s Third Symphony, a truly great rendition played brilliantly by the Irish Chamber Orchestra.”

“The Bruch Concerto is seldom performed in concert. It offers a lot of space for virtuosity and, at the same time, lovingly quotes folk tunes. In their interpretation both Jörg Widmann and Tabea Zimmermann became one heart and one soul, never losing sight of each other. Even without a conductor the orchestra’s accompaniment was flawless”

Kölnische Rundschau & The Bonner Generalanzeiger

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    • November 2013 – Galway brilliant, Irish orchestra splendid in Foellinger –

      Irish Chamber Orchestra
      JoAnn Falletta  Conductor
      James Galway Flute
      Jeanne Galway Flute

      At what was clearly one of the best concerts of this year so far, the Foelliinger Great Hall was packed Nov. 7 to hear Sir James Galway, flutist, and his wife Lady Jeanne Galway, along with the Irish Chamber Orchestra, conducted by rising star JoAnn Falletta.

      …it was in the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Flute Concerto in D Major (originally for oboe) that Galway’s brilliance became clear. He molded phrases with supreme artistry, his attacks and releases were flawless, and his superb virtuosity in the solo cadenzas was showstopping.

      I had never heard a live performance before conducted by Falletta. I was highly impressed by the brilliant, sensitive, and dramatic performance she led with the first-rate playing by the members of the Irish Chamber Orchestra of Felix Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 3: “the Scottish.” With incisive beat, Falletta made every segment of this master work vivid as she and the orchestra displayed Mendelssohn’s splendid sense of form.

      This fine ensemble had first-rate playing from all its section, but particularly from its lively clarinetist Catherine Spencer. As encore, Falletta introduced a setting of the traditional Irish air, “The Last Rose of Summer,” in a subtle arrangement by a member of the orchestra’s violin section, Kenneth Rice. The playing of oboist Daniel Bates was most affecting. Many in the audience stood at the end of this most memorable evening.

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      John Frayne

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