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The ICO is a fantastic ensemble of international quality.” Alison Balsom, Trumpet





“The Irish Chamber Orchestra is a dynamic, friendly and joyful group that knows what it means to be a real chamber orchestra. This virtuosic chamber dynamic leads to concerts of great energy, spontaneity and beauty. I am always delighted to make music with the ICO”.  Jonathan Cohen, Conductor 




“I was welcomed into their world and made to feel like one of their own. The ICO are a mighty group of players, and are fearless in their artistic choices.”  Colin Dunne, Dancer





“One of the most enjoyable and artistically satisfying tours of my seven decades of so doing.” –Leon Fleisher, Pianist (referring to the ICO’s 8th Concert U.S. Tour in October and November of 2011)



 stephen-hough“The Irish Chamber Orchestra is already a first-class, international ensemble.  But, poised as it is for further recognition, now is the very moment when it needs support to continue to flourish.  With its wonderful new home-space in Limerick and its young, passionate, dedicated players, it would be tragic for the arts in Ireland if the ICO were to lose the impetus it has gained thus far by insufficient funding.”  Stephen Hough, Piano





“The Irish Chamber Orchestra is a very special group, combining qualities of superb musicianship, enthusiasm and openness, and a rare sense of idealistic ensemble. It would be a tragedy for the cultural life of Ireland if the orchestra were to be threatened by lack of financial support.”  Steven Isserlis, Cello




Collaboration with the Irish Chamber Orchestra is a joy. The individual and collective skills of the musicians brush aside all difficulties, technical and interpretative, and get straight to the heart of the matter – making music with all it’s expressions of joy and sorrow , wonder and mystery. The orchestra’s recent premiere performances of my Symphony No.10 in Limerick and Dublin with Gabor Takacs were a revelation to me as to how new music can be made to live vibrantly from the very first rehearsal. Firmly established in their new Limerick headquarters the Irish Chamber Orchestra is a major artistic asset at least on a par with anything we can display to the world in other art forms. John Kinsella, Composer  




“I have an idea. Let’s remind everybody that musical performances are what one’s imagination is built upon. The ICO is becoming a living and breathing exploration of the new possibilities an ensemble needs to discover in order to keep resonating in its community. And that makes me ecstatic.”  Pekka Kuusisto, Violin   




“I have conducted the ICO many times in the last few years and it is always a refreshing experience for me. Their love of what they are doing always gives a heart-lifting and electrifying concert-experience. They are a diamond in the cultural life of Ireland.” Gábor Takács-Nagy, Conductor




“Playing music with this fantastic group of excellent  musicians was not only fun – the experience energized me.  The ICO are much  more than ‘professional’ musicians, they truly believe in what they do and this rings through with their audience – they are a world-class ensemble.  I could wish for no better partner to perform with.  I believe that their attitude augurs well for the future of classical music.” Istvan Vardai, Cello



Jorg Widmann


“I always go home more inspired than when I arrived, with this orchestra, you can fly” Jörg Widmann, Principal Guest Conductor/ Clarinet

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      November 2013 – Galway brilliant, Irish orchestra splendid in Foellinger –

      Irish Chamber Orchestra
      JoAnn Falletta  Conductor
      James Galway Flute
      Jeanne Galway Flute

      At what was clearly one of the best concerts of this year so far, the Foelliinger Great Hall was packed Nov. 7 to hear Sir James Galway, flutist, and his wife Lady Jeanne Galway, along with the Irish Chamber Orchestra, conducted by rising star JoAnn Falletta.

      …it was in the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Flute Concerto in D Major (originally for oboe) that Galway’s brilliance became clear. He molded phrases with supreme artistry, his attacks and releases were flawless, and his superb virtuosity in the solo cadenzas was showstopping.

      I had never heard a live performance before conducted by Falletta. I was highly impressed by the brilliant, sensitive, and dramatic performance she led with the first-rate playing by the members of the Irish Chamber Orchestra of Felix Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 3: “the Scottish.” With incisive beat, Falletta made every segment of this master work vivid as she and the orchestra displayed Mendelssohn’s splendid sense of form.

      This fine ensemble had first-rate playing from all its section, but particularly from its lively clarinetist Catherine Spencer. As encore, Falletta introduced a setting of the traditional Irish air, “The Last Rose of Summer,” in a subtle arrangement by a member of the orchestra’s violin section, Kenneth Rice. The playing of oboist Daniel Bates was most affecting. Many in the audience stood at the end of this most memorable evening.

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      John Frayne

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