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December 2011 – Seasonal Symphony and Song – Irish Times

Irish Chamber Orchestra, NationalChamberChoir, ICO Chorus, County Limerick Youth Choir, Jaime Martin Director, Susanne Bernhard Soprano

“The stimulation came from the depth of detailed thought behind Martin’s music-making.” – Michael Dervan, 20th December 2011, Irish Times

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    • November 2014 –WUNDERKIND 3 – Irish Times

      Irish Chamber Orchestra
      Jörg Widmann, Principal Guest Conductor/Clarinet
      Hugh Tinney, Piano
      Fidget Feet, Aerial Dance 

      “The ICO played a blinder under Widmann, stiffening the spine of the young Mendelssohn’s muscle-stretching excercises, negotiating the asperities of the Prokofiev Quintet with aplomb (I thought it gained from the combination with dance), and skilfully handling the stark chiaroscuro of some of Widmann’s own duos for violin and cello.”

      Michael Dervan

      The Irish Times


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