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October 2012 – Finn Folk & Baroque – Cologne

October 2012

Irish Chamber Orchestra

Pekka Kuusisto Director/Violin 

“Eventually, during the Double Concerto BWV 1043 the laid back tempi caused a slight lack of musical tension, despite the fact that concertmaster Katherine Hunka, (who had invited her colleague to lead her glorious ensemble for this concert), and soloist Pekka Kuusisto communicated with each other in a very sincere and heartfelt musical dialogue”. Kolnische Rundschau  

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      “…In Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony, conductor and orchestra got on well. There was a smooth fluency and lyrical warmth here, an attention to detail without overdoing it. The strings of the group have a nice finish, and an energy that comes from unanimity matched with grace. This piece is sometimes played with more vehemence of expression, but it proved perfectly amenable to this more gentle and poised approach...”

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      Timothy Mangan

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