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October 2011 – US Tour – Chicago Tribune

Irish Chamber Orchestra, Gérard Korsten Conductor, Leon Fleisher Piano, Pádraic Keane Uilleann Pipes

“Speediness and volatility vie for supremacy in the playing of the Irish Chamber Orchestra. How much of that propensity for driving energy and explosive power is built into the ensemble’s musical DNA, and how much comes from the dynamic direction of Gerard Korsten, the South African-born conductor who is leading the group’s eight-city U.S. tour, cannot be determined on a single hearing.”

 -John von Rhein, October 30, 2011 Chicago Tribune

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    • April 2013 – Virtuosity Ad Absurdum – Irish Times

      Irish Chamber Orchestra

      Jörg Widmann Principal Guest Conductor/Clarinet

      Sergeij Nakariakov Trumpet

      “In nearly 50 years of concert-going I have never encountered trumpet playing like this. Written for Nakariakov’s extraordinary abilities, which include circular breathing, Ad absurdum often made me think my ears were deceiving me, as a continuous, rapid staccato ostinato on one note never ceased, even as we heard many other things happening that would be striking enough on their own. And the aural power was complemented by the visual effect of watching the orchestra struggle with its own manic virtuosity, as Widmann played the prancing conductor-composer so effectively, and as the human vehicle for transcendent virtuosity stood like a statue. This music-making’s transgressions of space and time were Mephistophelian.”

      Martin Adams

      The Irish Times

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