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Irish Chamber Orchestra

Jörg Widmann  Principal Guest Conductor/ Clarinet

Tabea Zimmermann Viola


Mendelssohn    The Hebrides Op. 26 (Fingal’s Cave)

Widmann            String Quartet No. 4

Bruch                  Double Concerto for Clarinet, Viola and Orchestra

Mendelssohn    Symphony No. 3 (Scottish)


Widmann journeys once more through the great Mendelssohn Symphonies.  A twenty-year-old Mendelssohn made his first performances in England in 1829 and set off on a walking tour of Scotland that would prove inspirational for two compositions Fingal’s Cave Overture and his last and finest “Scottish” Symphony. 

One of the greatest gifts of Jörg Widmann’s string quartets is his ability to explore the most intimate of sound worlds.   His Quartet No. 4 offers a walking bass line with ascending and descending patterns along with chiaroscuro textures.

Max Bruch’s seldom heard double concerto for clarinet and viola is Mendelssohnian in style. Joining clarinettist Jorg Widmann is violist, Tabea Zimmermann, one of the most renowned musicians of our time.  

Concert Dates

  • 20:00, Wednesday, April 2, 2014

    University Concert Hall, Limerick

    Tickets no longer available

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  • 20:00, Thursday, April 3, 2014

    National Concert Hall, Dublin

    Tickets no longer available


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